Tuition and Sliding Scale


In our two facilities, The Hiland Theater in Albuquerque, and The Dance Barns in Santa Fe, we typically offer over 150 afterschool classes per week for dancers aged 3+ in dance styles ranging from classical Ballet to adult fitness (and everything in between!). For these classes, NDI New Mexico is committed to being available to all children regardless of ability to pay. Our after school programs use a sliding scale based on household income, and over 80% of our families take advantage of the scale we offer.

  • Each dancer under 18 years old will be charged a once-per-year, non-refundable registration fee of $30.
  • Dancers in the Pre-Professional Division at The Dance Barns & The Hiland who are taking 5 or more classes at level 3 or above may qualify for the pre-Professional tuition rate.
  • Dancers in the Jr/Sr or above Divisions at The Dance Barns & The Hiland who are taking 3 or more classes at level 2 or above may qualify for the pre-Professional tuition rate if they are part of The Hiland Company.
  • Registration is generally completed online. During the online registration process families will be asked to select a household income level from the chart below. Please note that within the first 4 weeks of classes proof of household income will be required in the form of either the household's two most recent paystubs or the household's most recent tax return. Failure to provide proof of household income will result in a tuition adjustment into the highest bracket of our sliding scale.

Annual Household Income







Price Per Class







22-23 Programs 32 Weeks







Effective Discount







  • A 10% discount is available to families enrolling multiple dancers at one time.

  • Tuition is calculated based on how many classes per week a dancer is enrolled in then multiplied by how many weeks are in that program. At higher levels many styles of dance require that dancers meet for class multiple times per week.

    • E.g., Jaques will take Modern and Ballet this year. Modern meets once per week and Ballet meets twice per week so Jaques will take a total of 3 classes per week. Jaques' household income is between $35,000 and $44,999 so Jaques pays $7.50 per class. This year classes last 32 weeks. So, Jaques' tuition will be 3 x $7.50 x 32 or $720 for the year.

Adult Division

Dancers in the Adult Division are not charged a registration fee and are not required to enroll in or make a commitment to a specific program year. Adult Division dancers may pay the drop-in fee or purchase a discounted 10-class card. This can be done both online or in-person.