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This story was published by on November 25, 2015

Dear NDI New Mexico family,

Here at NDI New Mexico we believe in the power of community to change the lives of young people. Together, we’re writing the story of the future of New Mexico’s children. We need YOU to write the ending!

Perhaps you participated in the ice bucket challenge, or helped to crowd fund the dream of a friend this year. We believe it takes a village. We are asking you to give and share the NDI New Mexico message.

You can help us go viral with giving!

December 1 is Giving Tuesday and New Mexicans will take collective action to make a difference in our communities. Give on this day and your donation to NDI New Mexico will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor in support of our Shine Brighter Match Challenge!

Here’s an example of the changes that happen for NDI New Mexico’s children:

“What I learned from NDI New Mexico is to try something new. If you try something new you might actually like it. At first I wasn’t into dancing that much, but I gave it a try. Classes impacted my life because they changed me on the inside, because they made me feel amazing. I felt powerful like I could do anything. Now I know that if I push myself I can cross the finish line” -NDI New Mexico Student

As a NDI New Mexico member recently told me, “I’m all in”. We are all believers. Thank you for joining us for the biggest collective online giving holiday of the year.

Yours in teaching children excellence,

Aline Ellis

Aline Harris-Ellis
Santa Fe Director of Development

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