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2015 ABQ Gala Dress Rehersal

Dear NDI New Mexico Family,

You may have heard rumors about town and I’m writing today to confirm the truth!

Hundreds of NDI New Mexico dancers will be gathering in Santa Fe this Saturday, December 19th for a fun-filled family event– a winter Dance-A-Thon!

YES, you will see bubbles. YES, you will see snow. Hundreds of young people will spend one full hour, doing their most excellent dances to the music of a phenomenal DJ with the opportunity to play games, win prizes, buy raffle tickets and have fun!

For the last month, dedicated NDI New Mexico children in Santa Fe have been busily raising money in the form of pledges to dance for an hour without stopping! Each child is collecting $50 or more from family and friends. If you haven’t already sponsored a child for our Dance-A-Thon, make a donation below and we will attribute your donation to match what a young person has raised.

You are invited to stop by the Dance Barns this Saturday between 3-5pm to make your donation and enjoy all the fun! Performances begin at 3pm and marathon dancing begins at 4pm.

Thank you for believing in NDI New Mexico, our children, and for helping us complete much needed upgrades to our beloved Santa Fe headquarters.

Yours in teaching children excellence,

Aline Ellis

Aline Harris-Ellis

Santa Fe Director of Development
NDI New Mexico


P.S. Our Dance-A-Thon event is part of our Shine Brighter Match Challenge to raise $50,000 before December 31 for upgrades to The Dance Barns facility. For more information call Stephanie at 505-359-8244.

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