HIP to Be Fit ®

BE HEALTHY is one of our Core Four messages for how to be excellent in everything you do. We are committed to helping our students get fit. NDI New Mexico’s HIP to Be Fit® curriculum is embedded in all our programs and teaches the importance of exercising, making healthy lifestyle choices, and eating well to improve stamina, performance, and endurance. Our goal is to make a positive impact on New Mexico’s children and their families by helping them take care of their bodies, minds, and spirits.

There are three components to NDI New Mexico’s HIP to Be Fit® Project:

  • Train the Trainer: Through workshops and training materials, we give public elementary school teachers the tools and training to incorporate movement into their classrooms. This curriculum is designed to get kids moving while teaching them core curriculum.
  • S.N.A.C.K.: Student Nutrition Activity Curriculum for Kids brings nutrition and fitness curriculum and resources directly into the classroom. SNACK includes ten nutrition-based activities to do in the classroom and at home with family, along with basic nutrition information, a nutrition resource guide, easy-to-fix healthy snack recipes; snack, activity, and food logs.
  • Our Fitness Evaluation: This evaluation assessed the positive impact of our dance programs on improving fitness and meeting state PE standards in children who participate in our classes throughout New Mexico.

If you would like more information or the tools to ensure a healthy future for our children please contact Liz Salganek, liz@ndi-nm.org or 505.557.6046