“Gala Runs & Jumps” showcases the children of NDI New Mexico, along with their families – working hard, doing their best, never giving up, and being healthy!


NDI New Mexico brings award-winning arts and healthy lifestyle programs to underserved children in urban, rural and Native American communities throughout New Mexico. Our elementary school Outreach program is offered in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Northern New Mexico and in Residency programs throughout the state. Our advanced training is a continuation of our Outreach programs and serves to give children the opportunity to develop more refined dance techniques. We offer advanced training at The Dance Barns in Santa Fe, at The Hiland Theater in Albuquerque and in seven other locations around the state.


Elementary School Outreach

A certified NDI New Mexico instructor and professional pianist teach every class. These classes are held at public schools in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Northern New Mexico and in Residency programs throughout the state. More advanced students in these programs can get invited to be on our  Advanced Outreach Teams.

2015 ABQ Gala Dress RehersalSWAT/Cel – (Advanced Outreach Teams)

Advanced Training programs are offered after school and on weekends for motivated students who want to continue learning with NDI New Mexico after their in-school classes. They learn advanced choreography, tap, jazz and voice.