Afterschool Programs

NDI New Mexico provides rigorous performing arts programming that builds technical skills and personal character, values each student and every family, and is accessible to all.

  • Technique classes inspire students at all stages of training to achieve personal success.
  • Performance opportunities present students’ challenges to their highest level of ability.
  • We provide classes to all children who desire to study the performing arts regardless of financial capabilities. Currently, A Pay What You Can fee determines tuition; and families can take advantage of alternative payment options.

Students’ experience is consistent with NDI New Mexico’s methodology of joyous learning while the teaching re-enforces the Core Four: work hard, do your best, never give up and be healthy.

Each class offers unique training and experience in a variety of dance styles. We offer classes in tap, jazz, modern, ballet, hip-hop, voice, musical theatre, acting, and more!

We offer advanced dance training in two locations:

Tuition & Pay What You Can

Tuition is based on a 28-week or 33-week school year and is currently offered on a Pay What You Can scale.