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Dear NDI New Mexico Family,

As you know, young people in New Mexico are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to getting the education they need to succeed. Our beloved state is continually ranked number 49th or 50th in the nation when it comes to chance at success for young people. Our work is not done.

At NDI New Mexico, we continue to bridge the opportunity gap in our state, creating fun, educational environments that deeply impact children. This year, young people who attend 265 schools throughout the state will have a chance to dance and perform and most importantly, they will be expected to be excellent!

Several years ago, one of NDI New Mexico’s generous donors believed so much in the impact of the work we do, she funded a study to measure the results on children’s academic performance. We contracted UNM’s Center for Education Policy Research to conduct a two year long independent analysis of 40,000 NDI New Mexico and non-participating students’ Grade Point Averages and New Mexico Standards Based Assessment tests.

I want to share the latest results with you! NDI New Mexico students show on average a 1.0 higher GPA and higher standardized test score results than their non-participating peers, outperforming them in Math, Reading, Writing, and Science! The facts speak volumes, but what do the children have to say about NDI New Mexico setting these high expectations? Let’s hear from a NDI New Mexico Alumni Dancer.

In third grade, I was a struggling reader and student, but by fifth grade, I was doing really well in school. NDI New Mexico taught me how to learn, how to work hard, how to focus, and how to do my personal best. I learned to set and achieve really high goals. These lessons carried over to everything else in my life. -NDI New Mexico Student

You can count on us to keep expectations high and continue closing the opportunity gap for young people in New Mexico.

Thank you for believing in us!

Yours in teaching children excellence,
´┐╝Barbara Kastner

Barbara Kastner
Director of Grants and Evaluation

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