Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers Legacy Society

The Silver Sneakers Legacy Society honors the foresight and generosity of individuals who have included NDI New Mexico in their wills or estate plans. We invite you to join with others who are committed to sustaining the life-changing impact of NDI New Mexico.


A Lasting Impact

Most of us are unaware that a transformative gift involves adjusting a few simple lines of text in our estate plan.  Your legacy gifts can trigger a staggering increase in the number of lives affected by NDI New Mexico. 

Beyond their lasting impact, some planned gifts also provide enormous tax benefits which can be realized immediately, while other types provide a lifelong stream of income for you and your loved ones.

NDI New Mexico celebrates planned giving donors by welcoming them into its most exclusive giving circle: the Silver Sneakers Society.  Featuring intimate gatherings in the homes of lead supporters, its members are treated to engaging presentations and riveting private performances.

Thanks to your generosity and planning today, generations of children will be inspired by the arts and learn to work hard, do their best, never give up, and be healthy for years (and years) to come.

If you’re interested in becoming a member simply contact Mary Gulledge, Director of Advancement, or (505) 557-6044.