Toss the Soda!

This story was published by on November 19, 2015

Dear NDI New Mexico families,

It’s that time of year again, a season full of holidays focused on food!

At NDI New Mexico we are committed to helping children around the state of New Mexico learn what it means to make healthy food choices and be active. Our residency programs carry these messages, teaching young people the importance of exercising and eating right.

In the last month, over 275 children performed in community shows in Wagon Mound and Silver City, and the audiences went wild! Our traveling instructors are now on the trail to Socorro to teach for three weeks and prepare students for a final performance on December 11.

Part of what we teach in each residency is our HIP to Be Fit®curriculum, which includes nutrition education combined with high-energy movement. Students are inspired by their NDI New Mexico instructors and pianists to move, break a sweat, and feel their stamina improving. 

If students got a good night’s sleep, ate a healthy breakfast, and chose a glass of water over a soda for lunch, they get rewarded with colorful stickers! While running and jumping, students shout out the name of their favorite fruit or vegetable in mid-air. To say goodbye at the end of class, NDI New Mexico instructors lead them in a rap about choosing healthy foods over junk foods: “Toss the soda, toss the fries, and give me carrots for my eyes!”

We are grateful for your support! You make it possible for us to teach children about nutrition, improve their lives, and brighten the future of our communities.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, Thanksgiving!

Liz Salganek
Liz Salganek
Artistic Director

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